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March 2017: Advertising is not a Simple Issue

February 2017: When Handed Lemons, Make Lemonade

January 2017: Looking Toward the New Year

December 2016: Retaining Good Tenants

November 2016: The Pros and Cons of Tenants Doing Maintenance

October 2016: Is Your Property Green?

September 2016: Professional Services for Your Investment

August 2016: Safety Reduces Liability

July 2016: What is a Rental Emergency?

June 2016: Using Effective Documentation

May 2016: Is it Time to Add to Your Portfolio?

April 2016: Turning Down The Applicant

March 2016: What If Your Tenant Calls?

February 2016: Plan Spring/Summer Maintenance

January 2016: Setting the Stage

December 2015: Twelve Proactive Resolutions For Investors

November 2015: Never Ignore Water

October 2015: Rewarding Tenants Can Be Profitable

September 2015: Plan Fall/Winter Maintenance Early

August 2015: Pest Control and Your Investment

July 2015: New Energy Requirements

June 2015: What Do Your Tenants REALLY Want?

May 2015: Child Safety in Investment Properties

April 2015: Fair Housing and Reasonable Modifications

March 2015: What is Useful Life and Why is it Important?

February 2015: Water Heaters Repair or Replace

January 2015: Fair Housing and Assistance Animals

December 2014: Twelve Practical Steps to

November 2014: Renting and the Holidays

October 2014: Avoiding Court

September 2014: Important Questions to

August 2014: Repairing or Replacing Flooring

July 2014: The Challenges of Security Deposit Returns

June 2014: Property Management Takes Teamwork

May 2014: Does Your Property Need a Tune-Up?

April 2014: The Problem of Hoarding

March 2014: The Problem of Hoarding

February 2014: Why Use a Licensed Contractor

January 2014: It's Cleaner Than When I Found It

December 2013: Why Should You Organize Your Taxes Now

October 2013: Family or Friends As Tenants

September 2013: Risk Management: Habitability

August 2013: Handling Emergencies and Disasters

July 2013: Handling Emergencies and Disasters

June 2013: Vacancy Checklist For Investors

May 2013: Should You Let A Tenant Out Of Their Lease?

April 2013: Take The Fair Housing Quiz

March 2013: The Right to Enter

February 2013: Don't Turn Off The Utilities

January 2013: Handling The Unauthorized Pet

December 2012: Applying The Golden Rule to Property Management

November 2012: Should a Tenant Paint?

October 2012: EPA Requirements on Refrigerants

September 2012: Inheriting the Tenant

August 2012: Is It a Repair or An Improvement?

July 2012: Treat Your Rental Property as a Business

June 2012: Landscape Maintenance and Rental Properties

May 2012: The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Investors

April 2012: Fair Housing and the Rental Process

March 2012: The Security Deposit vs. Normal Wear & Tear

February 2012: Handling Tenant Issues

January 2012: What Does The Tenant Want Now?

December 2011: Are You a Knowledgeable Landlord?

November 2011: A Cash Reserve for Your Investment Property

October 2011: Landlords DO Have Rights

September 2011: Bedbugs, a Growing Problem

August 2011: The Impact of URLTA

July 2011: Pest Control and Your Investment

June 2011: Is It Time to Revisit Your Insurance?

May 2011: Beware of Retaliation

April 2011: What IS a Rental Emergency?

March 2011: Carbon Monoxide - the Silent Killer

February 2011: Rents - Do the Math

January 2011: Seven Proactive Ways to Avoid Risk

December 2010: Planning for the New Year

November 2010: Never Ignore Water

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