A little history. We built a duplex on the west side in '91. We lived in the big side and rented out the small side. I took a job in Chicago in 1993 and I called Rental network to check them out. They have managed that duplex and the other rental properties we subsequently purchased. We moved back to El Paso in 2014. The tenants that I have tended to stay for fairly long periods of time (3-5) years.

Rental network is a partner. They tell me what the problem is and I don't nit pick them. They have made suggestions that I think have prolonged the stay of my tenants (e.g. Swamp coolers vs refrigerated air). I have gotten to know some of their maintenance people since moving back to El Paso. Those people have been with them a long time.

Their owner statements help me understand the cash flow and the maintenance that is being done. When a water heater breaks you need a company that responds immediately. Because of the tenant as well as the damage that may occur.

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